The Stories Of My Computer

        Is life a dream?… this is something we often 
ask. Anyhow, the one who's dreaming is sure he's 
alive and the one who really lives… is dreaming! 
        What is normal and abnormal in dream and 
reality? We keep finding this out for a life…
        Where the abnormal starts and where the 
normal finishes for… Florina? One can hardly guess. 
        But one thing is for sure, her abnormal is the 
salvation of normal.
        One can feel Florina as someone playing all 
the time between dream and reality and… art.
        For Florina the life is a game, the dream is 
a way of life and the art is the path to sublime 
all the vibrations, emotions and feelings. Hers and 
the others…. Thus, the existential worries are 
thrown out of her way.
        Are you among those who want to discover 
abysum? Are you among those able at least to 
understand something of the"parallel worlds", even 
if you will never choose to live in them the way 
she does? Florina is here, on this planet to open 
the doors to mystery.
        But take care the rest of you, with the same 
power of her personality Florina will succeed in 
scaring people. She has an incredible, unexpected 
way to attack taboo subjects. And yet she seems to 
be so innocent in doing this, almost childish… 
You'll just remain mute observing how she'll break 
the walls you worked so hurd to build around you, 
in order to protect yourself in a false identity. 
        Are you shocked by so much honesty? Are you 
shocked to find out that she is really honest? Try 
to know her better and see that Florina laughs at 
what happens but she never laughs at herself and 
never laughs at others. She is just an observer 
of yours, a very special one. Be happy to meet her 
and be sure that her touch on the wound of your 
soul doesn't hurt.
        Get the courage to read her novel in which 
the love story is just the screen to know yourself 
better and to relate differently to the world 
around you. 
        The message at the end of the 9 levels of 
the "TERRA" game is that life must be lived in a 
natural way, without sticking to schemes so called 
"normal". Try to play her game and you'll see that 
all will "solve by itself"!
        So read and dream, dream and live… 
the game…

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