It seems I need to wear sunglasses to watch my future...  Most of all I enjoy living the present. About my past?... I just followed the light. My profession is the humour and my hobby is to have fun.
            In fact I don't like to speak about myself too much, it's better to let the others. What do the others say about me? Oh, usually only a few say the truth, they are very busy and difficult to find. So don't listen to them, listen to the others who invent stories about me. It's much more interesting... Even I like to listen to them and wonder "Is it really me?"
            Usually I write down these stories and turn them into shows. I also direct and perform them. In fact, I'm never interested in writing a story if I know I won't act in it. I always like being in the games. I think this is the most interesting part of a story - turning it into life.
            Luckily people forget quickly, so when they see the final product, they don't recognize their own contribution. They just say about me: "Oh, she's unique, so original, so nonconformist!..." Sometimes, without ever dreaming about it, I was awarded for the stories I've written, even abroad.
            Until now, thereíve been enough Gods somewhere up to protect me. Iíd be very glad to hear they are my fansÖ
            Otherwise I'm a 1,66m/56kg normal human being, looking (I swear!) better and better as times goes by... Nature turned not to be so "original" as myself and offered me, in general, a Marilyn Monroe cover. But I don't complain...
            I was born and still live in Romania. Fortunately my profession allows me to travel all over the world.
            So, except to those Gods mentioned above, I think I still have to thank to all those who contributed to this great start of mine on the Internet. I open the long list and thank:
        *  to my mother who left the Earth to help me from Heaven. (Mother you did a great job in the last few years!);
        *  to my son for giving up his computer games sometimes, so that I could write;
        *  to my dog for also eating "Pedigree" from time to time;
        *  to those compatriots of mine who tried so hard to kill my dreams that I had to leave and make it bigger on an international scale;
        *  to Mr. Iasui (my Japanese promoter) and his family, for convincing me to go and start a new way of life in Japan;
        *  to my friends Ofelia, Mihaela and Catalina for bearing my creative mood lately;
        *  to Santa Claus for bringing Gary Cahalane, my publisher, into my life, on the last Christmas night;
        *  to Gary forÖ oh!... sorry I wonít open the list, itís too long!Ö
        * to Robert Benayoun for his book "WOODY ALLEN: Beyond Words", (Trans. Alexander Walker, Pavilion/Michael Joseph, London, 1985) from which images of Woody Allen are taken;
        *  and finallyÖ to "K", for opening my account at his emotional bank.
       (K, Iíve never been so rich before!Ö)

        PS:     Now try to leave aside all what youíre used to believe about life and listen to the point of view of my computer. Itís been working quite hard on its study lately. If you think youíre still too serious to believe a machine can write fiction by itself, try the opinion of a psychologist.

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