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I have given my permission as the copyright holder for the following text to be distributed via the Internet and down-loaded free of charge, either as a whole or in extract form.

Much of what follows is not very good. This is not false modesty on my part but an acceptance of my limitations as a writer at the time. This was my first attempt at a novel and was a valuable learning experience. Why then should you bother to read on?

Viewing the material from a time distanced perspective I have come to regard it as being like an over enthusiastic puppy. Like a puppy it is energetic, untrained and full of crap in parts but it can also be rather loveable. That is why I decided to leave it pretty much as it is and let you judge. I hope that you stick with and enjoy HEROICS INC. and would value any comments that you would like to make care of: gary@cygenesis.co.uk

Gary Cahalane



For Debadee.

Mega-muse; best friend, woman "to die for."

A story that you will probably hate.

Thank you for putting up with my daily insanity's and for making my world a more fantastical place.


I would like to thank Vanessa Miller and Lesley Walker for their friendship, kindness and advice.

Much of the dialogue and action featured in Burt Lancaster's brief holographic appearance in " HEROICS INC." Is taken from "THE CRIMSON PIRATE". Written by Roland Kibbee. Directed by Robert Siodmak. Warner/Norma (Harold Hecht) GB 1952.

The dragon used throughout the text as chapter illustration is a detail taken from the front cover of: "CHINESE HOROSCOPES" by Paula Delsol. Translated by Peter and Tanya Leslie. Published by Pan Books, London and Sydney, 8th Printing, 1982.

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