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The Book of the Bug


Jock Howson

2020:Hindsight concerns the collapse of western society as a result of problems associated with the Millenium Bug. Written retrospectively in the year 2020, it is the tale of how a small community survives the horrors and torments of The End. The narrator, a man crippled in the Food Riots which precede the collapse, tells the tale of the Bug, and of a tragi-comically inept fight against social dis-organisation, both external and internal, and the passage through a Hobbesian decline to an ultimately doomed hand-to-mouth existence. The book is primarily a black comedy, but it is also a satire and an experimental entertainment, devoid of plot or character or description but structurally and textually rich, full of thought-provoking incident and allusion.

A very worrying nonsense.

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